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Here is a selection of my print jewellery.
From your scan pictures, hand, foot and paw prints, I can make a stamp from it to create an image on a silver pendant. 

All of my charms and pendants are made from 99.9% fine silver. They start off as a clay which is made from silver pigment and a binding material. Once fired the binding material burns off to become solid fine silver. All pieces are made by me and hand finished to a mirror shine.

No two pieces are ever the same but they will always have the fantastic quality of finish.


You are not limited to just having a print on your keepsake. Instead you can have something a little more meaningful like a piece of text, drawing or initial.

Ever wondered what you should do with your child's first drawing that is looking tatty on the fridge? Well I can help, this masterpiece can be made into a silver piece that you can keep for eternity.

I can pretty much put any silhouette onto silver for you, a company logo, drawing, if I can make a black and white image from it I can create a stamp.


This range is just that little bit more special. I can use a print taken by a hospital, care home or funeral directors and make a stamp from it so that you have your sadly passed loved one with your forever.
The prints never leave you as they are far too precious, all I ask is for a photograph or scanned image of the print for me to use. 

Should you not have access to a print I can also encase hair and ashes into resin within a fine silver aperture.

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To order please contact me via the contact form here or email

I am an accredited member of KalliKids. It is a great website to find service providers especially tailored around your children. Write me a recomendation here

I also attend different events throughout the year so check if there is one near you! Also get in touch if you would like me to attend your event Events

A little bit about me...

Wright Works is owned and run by Emily Wright. All pieces are made by Emily from start to finish ensuring an unparalleled service and guaranteeing every piece is unique and of high quality.

I have always been into home crafts be it sewing, quilting or dress making but it was once I had completed a course on manufacturing fine silver keepsake jewellery in 2011 that I really knew what I wanted to do and Wright Works was born!


I offer a range of handmade, solid, 99.9% fine silver jewellery with any print of your choice immortalised forever in it. My pieces can also be gold plated for a different finish.


All my pieces can be fully personalised to your own requirements so please get in touch with your ideas, so that I can work with you to create the perfect piece that I know you will treasure forever. And please, keep checking back to see more products which will be added all the time.


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